The Lupton Village Residential neighborhood is serviced by 10 property tax districts. The funding of each entity’s operations and debt repayments is through the levying of property taxes on homeowners. For the past four years, the mill levy rate charged by each governmental entity is as follows:

  Mill Levy Rate History
Property Taxing Entity202020212023 2024
1. City of Fort Lupton37.16736.359
2aLupton Village Residential Metropolitan District – Bond Debt50.34950.349 50.32253.358
2bLupton Village Residential Metropolitan District- Operations15.10415.104 15.08315.646
3.Fort Lupton School District RE818.33617.197
4.Weld County15.03812.024
5.Fort Lupton Fire District 9.3189.592
6.AIMS Junior College6.3076.336
7.High Plains Library District3.1813.196
8.Central Colorado Water Conservation Subdistrict1.5821.300
9.Central Colorado Water Conservation District1.0680.891
10.Northern Colorado Water Conservation District1.0001.000
Combined Mill Levy Rate169.359158.402156.899